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Welcome to Telling History, where stories from real people are found!There’s a lot going on that doesn’t make the newspapers or the history books. Our goal is to provide history from real people who lived the experience, not just what some editor decided was important to publish. We’re just getting started, but hoping to grow our collection fast. Please take a look at our collection and subscribe to hear about new stories as we grow. If you wish, provide a story of your own. Just email your idea for a story to us at Tell@telling-history.com. If we think it is interesting and meets our guidelines, we may publish it.

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Why we started Telling History

After an experience as an editor at Wikipedia, I discovered that an issue is that the newspapers and “established media” have a lock on information. If it wasn’t printed in the newspapers, it didn’t happen and couldn’t be included. But who is better to provide information than the people who lived it or the people who knew them? Sure, if someone claims that they climbed Mount Everest or killed a bear with only a pocket knife, evidence is needed. But why would someone lie about going to the fair or driving the coast in a convertible? We wanted to capture all of the stories that get lost because a big newspaper or news station doesn’t think it’s news. If it’s interesting and the source is reliable, we want it.

Got a family story? Want to pass down to your kids and grandkids something that happened in your life or just what it was like “when you were their age?” Send it to us!

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